Alexa-based voice control of electric hospital beds

Alexa-based voice control of electric hospital beds


Pressure management is an important technique for keeping skin integrity intact and free from pressure sores – especially for para- and quadriplegics. Mattresses provide low-air loss, lateral rotation and alternating pressure as modalities toward this objective. But being able to change the position of the head and feet is also important – not just for pressure management but also for overall patient comfort and functionality.

CVI Medical has partnered with Amazon and developed an Alexa-based voice activated bed control system that works with Invacare, Span America and Joerns electric hospital beds. These allow the patient to talk to their bed and send the same commands as if they were (or could be) pushing the buttons. The pendant and attendant panels still work – this is just a third way to control the bed.

This system allows patients to control their beds independently when caregivers and family members are not around. Change position to watch television or sleep – or just to get more comfortable. Email or call us for more information.

  • Provides Alexa-based voice control of Invacare, Span America and Joerns full and semi-electric hospital beds
  • Controls head and feet elevation and vertical hi-lo functions.
  • Integrates with your existing Amazon Echo Dot, Spot or Show devices.
  • Can be installed by a person familiar with smart home technology in the home
  • Attaches as a separate box that bolts to the frame under the bed and plugs into the beds control unit. The existing hand pendant plugs into our box.