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Home Entertainment Solutions for Elderly and Quadreplegics (disabled) in Tampa, Orlando & Jacksonville, FL


Home entertainment systems in Tampa, Jacksonville and Orlando have just gotten a major boost with the introduction of the HomeSmart assistant system. For users who have trouble controlling their home audio systems or their video control systems, CVI Medical is able to setup a system whereby the user only has to use their voice and everything Is handled for them.

Home entertainment systems Jacksonville, Tampa and Orlando sometimes present problems for those folks who are elderly or who have lost the use of their arms and legs. The HomeSmart Assistant solves these problems in a quick and efficient way allowing the patient to reclaim their independence.

Product Features

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    Control your TV by using only your voice!

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    Speak the commands to your stereo without the need for a remote.

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    Voice activated DVR allows you to record your favorite shows easily.

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    Full control

    Fully control all aspects of your home entertainment seamlessly by using only your voice.


How can I Automate my Home Entertainment system in Tampa?

By using the HomeSmart Assistant system we can automate all aspects of your home entertainment system allowing you full control using only your voice!

Why would I need to automate my home entertainment system?

Residents of Tampa and the surrounding areas are automating their home entertainment systems to cut down on the burden of manual operation. Many of our clients are elderly or disabled and tasks such as changing the channel or adjusting the volume aren’t within the realm of possibilities for them. We have simplified this system and now allow residents to control their home entertainment systems using only their voice.

What tasks can I perform using your system?

We can automate almost everything with your home entertainment system. Tasks such as changing the channel, volume, DVD players, stereo systems and much more.

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