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Home Security Solutions for Quadreplegics (disabled) and Elderly in Tampa, Orlando & Jacksonville, FL


Home security systems (Tampa) are obviously important for any family. Home security systems in Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville can take on an entirely new face using the Alexa system. By using the HomeSmart Assistant (powered by Alexa), disabled and elderly residents of Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville can experience a new level of home-based freedom. Through the HomeSmart Assistant we now have the ability to automate tasks around the home such as Alexa door locking and unlocking using only your voice.

For the disabled population who have problem answering the front door we have an automatic door opener system in Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville which also allows two-way communication using voice activated controls, thereby allowing them to communicate effectively with anyone who visits and allowing them the entry.

Product Features

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    Automatic door lock / unlock

    Lock and unlock the front door by simply speaking the commands.

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    Answer the front door from anywhere

    Two way communication with any visitors prior to granting access

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    Open and close the front door

    By using only your voice you can open and close the front door without leaving your living room.

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    Internal and external camera system

    See and hear anyone visiting your home whether you are at home or away!


What types of home security in Tampa do you offer?

The Security layer is one of the layers included in the HomeSmart Assistant. This allows our clients and patients to experience a greater level of comfort at home by allowing them the freedom to perform tasks that were otherwise unavailable to them. Tasks such as locking and unlocking the front door, communicating with visitors and granting entry are all included with the system.

How does the HomeSmart Assistant offer greater security?

By allowing two way communication with visitors you can see who is at your front door from anywhere in North America. Our two way communication feature allows you to communicate with them and grant or deny access based upon your preference. You can even take their picture if you wish!

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