Environment Control Systems in Tampa

Home Environment Control Solutions for Quadreplegics (disabled) & Elderly in Tampa, Orlando & Jacksonville, FL


As a medical company CVI understands the sensitivity that many of patients have towards temperature control and the need for it. We offer environmental control units for quadriplegics in Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville. Thereby allowing central thermostat control and home thermostat control using only your voice.

Comfort is paramount and temperature control systems, in Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville especially, are extremely important due to the humid climate and the needs of disabled persons. The HomeSmart Assistant offers a new approach to this by allowing our patients to control the temperature in their homes by simply using their voices.

We realize the sensitivities that many of our patients experience and have designed a system to allow complete environmental control for our elderly and disabled patients by simply speaking your commands and allowing Alexa to do the rest.

Product Features

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    Temperature Control Systems

    Completely control the temperature in your house without lifting a finger.

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    Turn ceiling fans on and off with ease!

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    Turn lamps and lights on and off by only speaking your commands.

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    Wifi Hub Management

    See all of the components in your system from one easy to use place!


Can the HomeSmart Assistant provide environmental control for disabled or elderly persons?

Absolutely! By simply using your voice you can have complete control over your home environment by controlling your thermostat and ceiling fans without needing the use of your arms or legs.

Where is the HomeSmart Assistant available?

The HomeSmart Assistant is available to any resident of Florida (Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Ft Lauderdale etc.…). With the climate in Florida having a solid temperature control system is even more important.

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