Home Environment Control Solutions for Quadriplegics (disabled) and Elderly


Environmental control systems for disabled and elderly persons are on the cutting edge of Smart Home Technology. By utilizing the HomeSmart Assistant our patients can completely control their environment through their voice. We offer central thermostat control as well as environmental control units for disabled persons using the Alexa system.

Environmental control systems in Florida and Texas are especially important due to the various weather systems of the regions. Disabled and elderly persons often find trouble when trying to control their ceiling fans of thermostats. The HomeSmart Assistant fixes this problem by allowing patients to control their environments using only their voices.

Product Features

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    Central thermostat

    voice control your home thermostat. Also allows control from a smart- phone anywhere. You can cool off the house before you arrive home!

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    Up to six ceiling fans

    (fans must already be equipped with remote controls) – you can talk to the fans and even control the light package separately from the fan.

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    Turn on lamps, floor heaters or fans

    anything that is controlled by an on/off  switch

    Using our hub system, you can add your own switches easily we will teach you how!

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    WiFi hub management system

    allows you to see all components in your HomeSmart under one “umbrella”


How can you help me with my environmental control system?

By installing the HomeSmart Assistant residents of Florida and Texas can control their environment (fans, thermostat etc..) by using only their voice.

I’m disabled and am interested in controlling my environment. Will this work for me?

The HomeSmart Assistant is specifically designed for those who are disabled or elderly and have lost much of their ability to perform every day tasks. While using only your voice you will be able to control the temperature of your home environment in a simple and seamless way.

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