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Home Security Solutions for Quadreplegics (disabled) and Elderly


What are Home Security Systems?

Home security systems are obviously important for any family. Home security systems in Florida and Texas can take on an entirely new face using the Alexa system. By using the HomeSmart Assistant (powered by Alexa), disabled and elderly residents of Florida and Texas can experience a new level of home-based freedom. Through the HomeSmart Assistant we now have the ability to automate tasks around the home such as Alexa door locking and unlocking using only your voice.

For the disabled population who have trouble answering the front door we have an automatic door opener for disabled persons which also allows two-way communication using voice activated controls, thereby allowing the patient to communicate effectively with anyone who visits and granting them entry.

Product Features

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    Lock and Unlock front door

    Lock and unlock the front door using only your voice!

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    Audio/ Video Cameras at front door

    Complete security and the ability to answer your front door without leaving your home.

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    Open Sesame door opener

    Open and close your front door – grant or deny entry to any visitors

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    Help is close by

    In home video monitors allow you to call for help quickly and easily. Even if you can’t reach your phone.


How does home security automation system work?

With the invention of voice activated control systems such as the Alexa and google home, we are now able to automate many of the tasks around the home. You can now see who is at the front door and speak to them while granting them entry by simply using your voice.

What features do you offer?

For home security systems in Florida and Texas we offer Alexa door lock (lock and unlock your door with your voice), automatic door openers, security cameras, two-way voice communication and many other features enabling the elderly and disabled population to have greater security while in or out of the home.

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