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Automated Home Entertainment Systems?

Home entertainment systems are intended to be fun, entertaining and most importantly easy to use. However, the methods used to control these systems are not to the disabled or elderly population as they, at times, require actions which are otherwise difficult. The HomeSmart assistant system can automate home entertainment systems in Florida and Texas allowing the users to control their audio, video and audio control systems with just their voices.

If you have an audio video system in Florida then home automation might be a viable consideration for you. We can automate your Audio control systems in Florida and Texas enabling voice control.

Product Features

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    Television control system

    Control your television using only your voice – never leave your chair!

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    DVD Control systems

    Skip, Pause and play your favorite DVDs using voice commands

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    Full Entertainment system control

    Control all aspects of your entertainment system with ease. Speak your commands and let the HomeSmart Assistant do the rest

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    Speak the commands to your stereo easily without any remote.


Can you automate Home entertainment systems in Florida and Texas?

HomeSmart Assistant uses voice controlled technology to fully automate your audio and video systems in Florida and Texas. This allows the user to activate the functions of the system using only their voice.

I use specialized audio and video systems. Will it work for me?

The HomeSmart Assistant system will work for almost any Home Entertainment system in Florida and Texas.

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